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Drivers at Amerongen Kamphuis achieve fuel saving with Fleet Consultancy by Scania.

Breda, 2 June 2015 – Further reduction of overall fuel consumption is high on the agenda for the management of Amerongen Kamphuis. With that in mind, over the past year, the driving behaviour of the 110 drivers on a total of 90 trucks has been closely analysed. For the purposes of the analysis, Amerongen Kamphuis worked closely with Fleet Consultancy by Scania. The fact that Amerongen Kamphuis operates a mixed fleet of trucks represented no restriction for the programme.

Amerongen Kamphuis is working towards permanent behaviour change and
reduced fuel consumption with Fleet Consultancy by Scania.

A precondition for the success of Fleet Consultancy by Scania was support for the programme throughout the organisation. After all, it calls upon drivers to change their behaviour. Thanks to Fleet Consultancy, drivers become even more aware of their own driving behaviour. A Scania coach offered the drivers tips and advice on positive driving behaviour change, which is often a question of minor details. Every day, via an online Driver Coaching Portal, the drivers can review their last trip or play “Excellence the Game”. This game encourages competition between drivers and makes economical driving a permanent challenge. Access to the Internet (anywhere in the world) is all that is needed. Fleet Consultancy at Amerongen Kamphuis was implemented using the FMS systems already on board, linked to the Scania Driver Coaching Portaal. The biggest advantage of this configuration was that it required no investments in hardware, or alterations to the vehicles. As a result, coaching could be offered on the basis of all the data available from the drivers’ reports.

Scania also examined internal training at Amerongen Kamphuis. The aim is that following the Fleet Consultancy by Scania programme, Amerongen Kamphuis will be able to operate the principles of the programme independently, and itself carry on along the same lines.

Amerongen Kamphuis offers logistic services for a variety of temperature-controlled goods. Our own groupage network takes in the majority of northwestern and central Europe. We offer total national coverage in the Benelux countries, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark and Sweden. For transport services from, to and in all other countries in Europe including England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Norway and Finland, we work closely with national specialists with a solid reputation.


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Deliveries by Amerongen Kamphuis ‘Just-In-Time’ and under the right conditions

ZOETERMEER – Amerongen Kamphuis from Barneveld, specialists in groupage services for temperature-controlled goods, have equipped their vehicle fleet with temperature registration systems from T Comm. Using these systems, Amerongen Kamphuis can permanently monitor the locations of and temperatures in the refrigerated and frozen transport vehicles. Real access to trailer data offers Amerongen Kamphuis the ability to anticipate unexpected disruptions on the road, and to intervene quickly, in the event of disasters.

Active checking and adjustment of temperatures via wireless monitoring

Amerongen Kamphuis transports foodstuffs including fish, vegetables, meat in bulk and potato chips to retail, out of home, restaurant and catering and business-to-business operators. For temperature-sensitive products, it is essential to monitor, to control and to register the temperature, during transport. Thanks to wireless monitoring from T Comm, Amerongen Kamphuis can now actively monitor the temperatures and where necessary make adjustments. The wireless sensors monitor the temperatures in the trailers, trucks and semi-trailers, in real time, and pass on a warning message to Amerongen Kamphuis, whenever temperature limits are exceeded. By controlling the temperature in the vehicles in this way, Amerongen Kamphuis can guarantee the high quality of its customers’ products.

Insight into transport conditions vital

Jan Kamphuis, Managing Director at Amerongen Kamphuis explained, “For us and our customers, quality is the ultimate priority. Insight into transport conditions when transporting temperature-sensitive products is vital. Our customers are demanding ever more detailed insight into these conditions, and the systems from T Comm mean that we can provide that information quickly and easily. Immediately following a journey, we can hand over a temperature report to our customers, thereby maintaining our high level of service.”

The groupage network operated by Amerongen Kamphuis for a variety of different conditioned goods types covers a large part of Northwestern and Central Europe. The vehicle fleet consists of approximately 100 tractor units and some 130 towed units (trailers, trucks and semi-trailers, each with multiple compartments and condensers, and all used by Amerongen Kamphuis to transport a variety of products at different temperatures in a single transport run, just in time, to customers including Jumbo, Aldi, Lidl and Edeka.

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International certificates for Amerongen Kamphuis Transport

On 27 January 2015, Kiwa Nederland awarded new certificates to Amerongen Kamphuis in Barneveld. Amerongen Kamphuis received a new BRC Storage & Distribution certificate, a new IFS Logistics certificate and the new ISO-22000 certificate.

Director of Amerongen Kamphuis, Jan Kamphuis, was delighted with the result. ‘These certificates confirm our strategy of providing more service and quality to our client base. The transport market is under considerable pressure. When it comes to attracting new work, every small detail counts. You must have every aspect of your services well organised. Energy-efficient vehicles, expert staff, full information security and high-level cooperation with the customer are all vital,’ according to Kamphuis.

Amerongen Kamphuis opted to make the switch from the traditional ISO9001 and HACCP to the new International Food Standards from IFS Logistics and BRC Storage & Distribution with support from the consultancy firm Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg (a quality assurance consultancy firm) based in Bodegraven. “Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg has offices in Bodegraven, Zwolle and Den Bosch, thereby offering national coverage,” explained the director of Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg, Michel Brinkhorst. “For the organisation at Amerongen Kamphuis, these standards, together with ISO 22000, tie in better with the range of services on offer.” “For us it is all about foodstuffs; in that sector, your organisation must have total control over all food safety risks,” suggested Jan Kamphuis. Quality Manager André Oteman, together with the interim quality manager at the Bureau voor Kwaliteitszorg and the staff of Amerongen Kamphuis, has been hard at work over the past 6 months obtaining these certificates. As Oteman explained, “We deliberately opted for an agency specialising in food safety. The majority of our customers are food producers and operate very high quality requirements. To serve them you need a food industry specialist.”

For the certification of the standards, we opted for the certifying body Kiwa. Rien Buitink, Sales Manager Food at Kiwa explained, “Kiwa is conversant with all the accreditations necessary in the transport and logistic sector. Transport calls for a practical approach to the various international standards. The audits were undertaken in close harmony with the transport planning department. The audits in the cold storage areas demand speed and practical understanding of the working methods employed by the staff, from the auditors.”

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