We operate two fully-owned warehouses in Barneveld. Our cold storage warehouse has a capacity of 4,500 pallet spaces. We can store a further 1,000 pallets in an unconditioned warehouse. For customers for whom we generally provide distribution services, goods storage at Amerongen Kamphuis is often an attractive additional service.

Advantages of storage at Amerongen Kamphuis include:

  • extensive opening hours, from 8.00 – 20.00 hours;
  • attractive storage rates;
  • shorter lead time than if we first have to collect goods stored elsewhere;
  • lower distribution costs, thanks to the eradication of goods collection.

It goes without saying that we also provide additional services including order picking, the loading and unloading of containers and the drawing up of freight documents. We also use the cold storage warehouse for cross-docking, by regrouping deliveries in our cold store, according to destination region and route.

The storage of goods in our cold storage warehouse is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of the Association of Dutch Cold Storage and Freezing Warehouses known as Nekovri conditions. Our services are also subject to the following certification systems: SKAL, CATIII, IFS, BRC and ISO22000.

Although we operate our own storage locations in Barneveld, we are constantly on the lookout for the best and most inexpensive solution for our customers. Against that background, in respect of warehousing and cross-docking, we have identified sound cooperation partners. The relationship with these partners often includes joint market activities and single-party operation. Our key backup locations in the Benelux countries are in Venlo, ‘s-Heerenberg, Waalwijk and Roeselare.

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Cold storage warehouse

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Dry warehouse

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Order picking