Amerongen Kamphuis strives to be a pioneer in the field of ICT applications for logistic service provision, not only to improve the efficiency of our own organisation but also to enable us to provide our customers with the right information, in good time. In 2015/2016, Amerongen Kamphuis will be taking further steps to fulfil your wishes in the field of information provision. We are also working to reduce the volume of paper flow, to ensure a sustainable future. One example is our investment in new on-board computers, already equipped for the use of digital waybills.

Below we outline the current standard applications within Amerongen Kamphuis. For more information about our digital capabilities, please contact your regular contact person at Amerongen Kamphuis, or Hans Meijerink, by e-mail

Online order entry

As you are aware, for a number of years we have been offering our customers the possibility of submitting orders via our website. This online order entry offers huge advantages since loading and unloading locations are programmed in advance, reducing the time needed for order entry. The system automatically confirms whether we have received the order. To further accelerate the process, it is even possible to simultaneously upload an Excel sheet containing multiple orders.

Transport documents and invoices available in digital format

Since 1 January 2012, we have been providing transport documents including CMRs, pallet notes, etc. in digital format. These documents are not (any longer) sent by post but are stored by us in digital format, where they can be retrieved by you, at a moment that suits you. Based on a user name and password (which you also require for online order entry), you can easily gain access to all your relevant information. We further offer the capability of digital transmission of our transport invoices, with or without transport documents. We always ask our customers to cooperate in this process, by notifying us of the e-mail address to which these documents should be sent.

Further system integration (EDI/ FTP)

With a number of customers, we have successfully harmonised all our systems. Amerongen Kamphuis is fully in favour of this development. EDI/FTP links can help improve the efficiency and reliability of data transfer between client and transport operator.