One key element in the all-round service provided by Amerongen Kamphuis is process and product monitoring. We strive to deliver your products on time, at the right place and according to the right conditions.

You can expect a high degree of service from us. Delivery reliability of between 99-100% is by no means exceptional. Amerongen Kamphuis is a player that constantly invests in service and quality. Alongside investments in ICT applications, the company also invests in the people responsible for monitoring quality. One excellent example is the deliberate presence at Amerongen Kamphuis of a relatively large planning department whose role for years has been to optimise groupage activities. Amerongen Kamphuis also operates a Company Office for additional process and product monitoring. These departments are in constant contact with you the client, and with the drivers transporting your deliveries. In other words, at Amerongen Kamphuis, product care is in good hands!

Quality control (right conditions)
Amerongen Kamphuis has chosen to strengthen its internal quality systems by having them certified according to the high international standards from IFS Logistics and BRC Storage & Distribution in combination with ISO 22000. Amerongen Kamphuis is also SKAL and CATIII certified.

IFS Logistics

BRC Storage Distribution

ISO 22000


Approved learning establishment

The integrated quality system enables us to adequately manage risks relating to food safety. But how? Below is a brief summary of our quality system:

  • Adequate quality control during goods acceptance.
  • Temperature monitoring system from T-comm Telematics that deliver real-time data on the temperatures in the truck.
  • Investment in twin condensers, making it possible to manage temperatures in multiple compartments.

Process monitoring (right place/time)
ICT applications like on-board computers make it possible to obtain real-time information about the progress of the delivery of your product. Amerongen Kamphuis sets high standards for tracking & tracing in order to maintain the high level of quality of communication with clients.

In 2015, investments will be made in new ICT applications including new on-board computers and a new TMS system. Temperature monitoring, the rapid delivery of freight documents, photo functionality for non-conformities, the option for digital signing of CMRs, optimisation of driving behaviour and supervision of driving and break times are important additional extras that need to be included as standard in the new on-board computers. The new Transport Management System enables Amerongen Kamphuis to continuously optimise its processes, and further improve communication with the client.