logisticsIFS Logistics is a European certification standard that is becoming increasingly important in the transport sector and helps to ensure (food) safety for both food and non-food products. The standard is intended for businesses responsible for logistic activities including transport and storage, with a view to guaranteeing the (food) safety of the products.

The IFS Logistic standard can be broken down into the following chapters:

  • Management responsibility
  • Quality and food safety systems
  • (Human) resource management
  • Rules for service provision
  • Rules for the equipment of buildings and transport systems
  • Measurements, analyses, permanent improvement
  • Food defence

The IFS standards were originally based on IFS Food Standards for the production of foodstuffs, in a collaborative venture between major German, French and Italian trading and retail organisations. These organisations laid down their requirements in a detailed checklist. The IFS standard is viewed as the counterpoint to the BRC standard, that is employed mainly for the English retail market.