PrintBRC Storage & Distribution is an authoritative international standard on food safety. This standard imposes requirements on activities relating to the storage and distribution of foodstuffs, packaging materials and consumer goods. Establishing and implementing this BRC standard offers the sector guarantees on food safety and chain integrity. The content of the

BRC Storage & Distribution standard comprises the following subjects:

  • Management responsibility
  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Quality management system
  • Requirements on buildings and commercial sites
  • Requirements on transport equipment
  • Facility services
  • Practical procedures (receipt, storage, etc.)
  • Personnel

This BRC standard applies to all types of transport by for example truck, train, ship, aircraft, etc. and deals with the full range of logistic activities, including loading, transport, unloading, storage, handling and distribution. The BRC standard therefore also applies to companies responsible only for the logistic component, such as Amerongen Kamphuis. The standard is divided into 4 modules: storage, distribution, wholesale and repackaging.