Millions of people throughout Europe do their shopping in supermarkets, every day. Turnover in this sector has been growing steadily for years, and in the Netherlands and Germany, for example, growth in 2014 amounted to 1.5%. The growth currently taking place in most countries within the hard discounter segment is above all notable.

Thanks to the difficult economic conditions, consumers have become more price conscious and within the food market the supermarkets have become leaders, further optimising their logistic processes, and competing with one another on the basis of price, for years.

In Northwestern Europe, the market share for supermarkets within total consumer spending on food and drink is at least 50%. Every year, supermarkets are gaining ground on hospitality and catering and in particular the other at home providers, namely the specialist outlets and mobile traders (including traditional markets).

Amerongen Kamphuis is fully conversant with the various supermarket chains in Europe. In our supply areas, we deliver to distribution centres weekly and sometimes even daily, making us experts in the various entry systems and delivery window times.

For an overview of the distribution centres we supply, please consult the map below. The map lists the head offices of the supermarket chains.