The out of home market is traditionally divided into 3 segments, namely traditional hospitality, catering and convenience (e.g. petrol stations and other fast service). Despite the economic situation, consumers are more than happy to consume food out of home rather than at home. However, over the last five years, the market share for this segment has shrunk considerably in Northwestern Europe, in particular due to a downturn in the hospitality sector.

As a result, margins are under real pressure, in turn leading to a continuous demand for further cost reductions. One of the ways to maintain control of costs is to work with the right logistic partner. Amerongen Kamphuis is a logistic service provider with a thorough knowledge of the various foodservice wholesalers in the Netherlands and abroad. With our trucks we visit the various distribution centres in Northwestern Europe on a daily basis, some even several times a day, and are fully conversant with the relevant opening hours and specific wishes of the various recipients.

The map below shows the head offices of the various wholesale and purchase organisations to which we deliver in Northwestern Europe.